by Sid.Author

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...a song...about trusting yourself I guess...self-honesty..self-worth...faith...adventure...and getting money.


Raise the bar, be the shit, love yourself, know your worth
Mu'Min you the mosque, you the God, you the church
You don't have to look around, inside is where you search
Not a preacher or imam, chapter one this the verse

Cause' you infinite
Never underestimate your value cause' you infinite
Sky's the limit go and get your money cause' you infinite
Since an infant ruler of the planet cause' you infinte

What's good, what's not?
Everything is poppin everything is hot
Everything is cool, everything is both
Tippin' on a tight rope...

I never let the weather man determine my mood
Tight bolts tight screws I'm a pretty stubborn dude
Temporary situation called condition called a truce
Cause' my vibe too high so your noose don't apply

Tap into a higher frequency I'm free as shit
Fire drama, levatate with only lyrics from my lips
Fly shit, is what I'm trying to say
I just try to keep it basic like outer-space

Like, you never really seen a planet out of place
You never seen a planet sweat another planet's pace
A planet get there when it gets there it's never late
And when it gets there it's never scared it knows it's face

I must be faithful
To myself for a minute
I was faking my joy
Used to not get it

Thank you
for all of the

And I'm feelin' hot as sriracha, I'm bout to go full chubaka
On everything life can offer I often offer my ancestors off'rins'
For abundance protection, cause' I aint' really into killin'
I don't really carry weapons, I more like really into healing

For real I'm really bout this money right now
That's why I keep my vibe up and keep my adrenaline down
If you have too much drama, there's no room for blessings around
That's why I trust my heart more, keep a crown for intuition now

Even if I look asshole, I still would trust my prediction
I still would walk in my truth, cause' I know that it's God given
I take the truth and untwist it, I spit it with ill diction
Try to talk to your spirit, so happen your ears hear it

I spit it they like amen, I command the mike like it's ten
Thou shall not sweat the bullshit, take a deep breath transcend it
Basically keep it steppin', know your peace is your weapon
and above all else trust your body, for you listen to anybody,
anybody, anybody


released October 20, 2015
Written, Produced by D. Martin
Vocals Martin



all rights reserved