Hotline Bling [Re​-​Authored]

by Sid.Author

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...a fly...meditation about loss, and release.


funny money aint funny anymore like beat it like a cop good things come my way like Fetty on the drop...

funny money aint funny anymore like beat it like a cop good things come my way like Fetty on the hook...

one man Mobb Deep for ones that shook
they say one man can change the world
they say you could use words as swords

but what if I use these words as a hammer to build something
or a scalpel to cut a tumor out
or to get rich you don't have to die trying

I'm about that loft life, beach life overseas life, sunlight, unh
I'm about that good life, T-Pain, no pain no gain, but I'm still relaxing, unh

I'm like the eye of a tornado, you know how tornadoes do they travel slow and they calm in the middle, but It's a mess, it's a mess
all around it there's trees flying and cars flying, and fucking houses
and even cows, and it settles down in a new location it's beautiful when you think about it, the thing about it is...

wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm a come back to that, Im a come back to that

I take off the old chains and I blast off to a new place
and that's Sela like in 09, and I'm so God and so fly
I give the Sun a high five, shouts out to the Phiii
back to I, I break those contract that don't match where I'm at
banana peel thoughts get tossed...

Ron Burgundy riding down a freeway carefree half a burrito in my hand unh

and you can't accept your blessings with your hands full
that burrito get tossed unh

what's in that burrito anyway...
beans, rice, fear,

Dawud knows better, Dawud aint shaking, Dawud is taking, risks
Dawud's investing in...

Destiny don't wait for no man, even if I have to live like a nomad
I know that I'm pleasing to God cuz I'm on purpose, I prefer fish tacos anyway

That's a strange metaphor for a plate too full
You gotta focus on what you faithful to
The power's in your palm but your fates on you
Action to match it cuz faith won't do

like when BIG was alive and I'm sure he would agree
Be true to yourself or you die slow-ly...

now let's meditate, life can be a natural disaster
I like tornadoes let's take a before and after
let's start in the eye of it, like right in the belly button
everything going crazy around you, memories spinning around you
that apartment you almost got evicted, Nissan they towed before you fixed it
can you see your ex riding in it, and all them parking tickets

that job you got fired from, family member that passed away
and everything that used to work is suddenly broken today

and suddenly you look around, and all this shit is flying through your vortex
and this is your kharma presently, and nature keeps blowing it away
and nature keeps blowing them fears away, and nature keeps blowing them doubts away
you don't have to keep rehearsing your pain in the eye of the storm is where you found grace

can you feel it it's a little more warm here, especially around the navel
I would go as far as to say this fire's burning up the parasites inside you
did you realize the this thing was moving, I know it probly' felt like a standstill
know it probly' felt like a landfill, now all that garage is gone

aint it crazy how the wind is so strong, something that is so light
I bet, that's how you feel, and guess what, you are a light
and now you in a brand new moment, and every single thing is possible
next time you in a tornado trust it and make sure you give the tornado gratitude.


released November 27, 2015
Produced, D.Martin
Written, Martin



all rights reserved