Window Seat 2​.​0 [Neo's Epilogue]

by Sid.Author

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A play on the Erykah Badu hit, 'Window Seat".

This expresses a wide range of emotions and ideas from self-ownership, to oppression and social justice and how they relate. How being a balanced person is the highest freedom.


When you evolving, you might be in discord with you was involved with
I can't call it
I'm just callin on the Lord, not Jesus necessarily
I just need a higher power, something a little stronger than me to carry me
Life come with so many solutions, problems is sold separately
Probably sold by your mommy, or probably sold by your daddy
Probably would go and get a refund if you even saw who sold it to them
Probably put it in a blanket, fold it up and gave it to them
trying to make me sell my soul, I would rather end up in a tomb
Ilaha la Illah knew that and I aint' even Muslim
I mean I do submit my will to God, but I do be throwing fits
I mean I do be having plans, and I do have attachments
I mean I do be past tense when I should be forward motion
I mean I do be mad tense, before I'm food for the vultures
I want to leave you this food for thought remember the video for this song
When Erykah had got shot, and Ignorance and indifference popped her
Just cause she was a little different, still bared herself to the world
The moral of the story is I aint' tryn end up like ol girl
Maya talkin caged birds Kendrick talking bout pimpin butterflies
I aint' trying end up like none of them guys, I'm a fly high till i D - I

I aint hype to shop at nobody mall, I aint hype to be nobody martyr
Why die for it when I can live for freedom, aint' nothing seperate read for agreements
I'm bout to be the, first rapper with a book club
anyway, don't get it twisted I aint scared to die, I aint scared of cops
but it's one fear, one fear, judgement from my piers
Dogmatic as Christians when they criticize it's just ice
but fuck dat I don't believe in believing in oppression
it's obvious the agenda's to keep upset
that's how they benefit your sickness is an investment
It's a clever trap, hundreds of thousands of black men
and women die from hyper tension....

order out slave diet who got the doctor bill
family disfunction who the black doctor Phil
financial literacy money skills
knowledge of self for some healthy relationships

I know what you're probably thinking where he been at? I'm not talking about the homies neither. I love ya'all. All Ya'all. You know who I'm talking about. I been watching and I see what you're doing to my people. Trying to reverse shit. Creating Confusion. And I'm bout to cancel all that and I have plenty of help. I'm about to tell you what's about to happen. You're about to start losing influence. You're about to realize that you're little antagonism is small compared to the judgement you're about to receive. You're about to see my people thriving. Ey, and this aint' all about race either. None of that mattered till you came. I'm a break that too. You're about to see them taking accountability for their realities and creating the lives they want to live. You're about to witness yourself shrinking, cause the world's attention is no longer on you. Their attention is going to be on them, and their greatness. You're about to witness each of them become giants in their own rite. All of your plans to do otherwise will backfire until everything is in it's rightful place, balanced.


released September 8, 2015



all rights reserved